Who we are.

Our Story

Sitting in her first Entrepreneurship Masters class, Megan Koleff had a plan, or what felt like the beginning of one.  She would embark on the journey of becoming a self employed contractor for company culture and advertising. She would be called a "workplace satisfaction technician".  As her classes continued though, she began to remember a feeling from seven years prior, the feeling that she would start a company.  This went against her desires at the start of the MS in ENT, as she had trouble seeing how this could go right.  This known, she still decided to start looking in the direction of growing her idea from her to a team.  For the next year, she worked with some interns, completing projects for Pickett and Associates and Robert Half.  By the end of the program, she had a full business plan and two mentors telling her to attempt living only on her company for a while.  This feat was terrifying, but worth the worry to, so she decided to graduate and live permanently in Tampa.  As this decision came to fruition, things began to fall into place as her startup learned continually, pivoting when needed.  At some point, the company landed on Sonic Branding, after Megan's love for music and songwriting / videography.  Since then, NeuroPolitan has been growing and working on improving their craft.  The team has developed into a list of contractors as well as strategic partners that aid the small, but growing, team on their larger projects.  

Starting and running a business never comes without challenges, but Megan is sure that this is the right direction for the NeuroPolitan and is truly grateful for her growing team of professionals.  With good values and results on their side, the NeuroPolitan team is up and ready to take on what they know is only the beginning of a successful career and familial relationship with its clientele as well as itself.

Our Team of Professionals


The Founder and President

Megan Koleff

Megan Koleff acquired her Masters in Business/Entrepreneurship from The University of Tampa and holds a double Bachelors degree in Advertising/Public Relations and Neuroscience. She has always been interested in helping others reach their goals and has worked on accounts such as Metropolitan Ministries and Tech Start Tampa Bay. She is also an accomplished motivational speaker. She is well endorsed by many professionals including Mike Schnell, the CEO of Pickett and Associates Inc., and Kevin Moore, Co Founder of Tier One Inc.

Our #Fantabulous Team

Alex Shulman

Alex is a senior marine biology major at the University of Tampa.  He first developed a love for photography by trying his hand at nature scenes.  Since then, he has developed a strong skillset which he uses to bring a new style to NeuroPolitan's content creation team.






Melissa is a graduate of the University of Tampa. She studied Communication with a concentration in Writing. The field of Communication is fascinating to her in theoretical study, but she really thrives on the practical implications. Communication is so essential to life. Melissa's favorite communication practice is writing, regardless of the medium. She is very interested in providing communication services for a nonprofit, social services agency, or Christian ministry. 

Our Advisory Board

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Reneé Vaughn

Rebecca White

Kevin Moore