Type: Campaign

Team: HR Soul and NeuroPolitan

NP Work: Employer branding campaign, videos, and music

Case Study #1

"We are a privately owned, professional surveying, engineering and aerial mapping firm based in central Florida but operating across eight offices in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Michigan (and counting!)" - Pickett

Who is Pickett?
What was the problem?

Pickett needed a way to showcase job descriptions for incoming employees. These descriptions include engineering, mapping, and surveying.  With this, they also needed a way to showcase their brand personality and company culture, as they truly are unlike any other engineering firm out there.

How we helped

The Results

The Results

We helped Pickett by creating them an employer branding campaign with the help of our strategic partner, "HR Soul".  NeuroPolitan specifically was responsible for creating 6 employer branding videos.  3 for job descriptors and 3 more for company values, brand promises, and a general overview of the company.  We also came up with the campaign slogan "You are.  You Matter".  This slogan slowly turned into "At Pickett. You Matter." as we moved forward.  The idea of this campaign slogan was to show that no matter what job you chose to apply for in the company, you are an integral and important part of the Pickett family.


"Working with Pickett, we really saw how much each team cared about one another.  Being able to join in on that familial atmosphere was a truly wonderful experience." - Megan Koleff, President, NeuroPolitan 

The Pickett Careers Page

became the most viewed with 1,251 views in the first 90 days and continues to repeat the trend.

49 new employees were hired on between Oct 2018 and Dec 2019.